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Malware Detection System Project

Malware Detection System Project with source code and documents

Title : Malware Detection System using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Project

Abstract :

This Malware detection is a field of computer security that deals with the study and prevention of malicious software. It is not the only way to defend a company against a cyber- attack. In order to be effective, companies should analyse their risk and identify the vulnerabilities. In this project, we will examine different techniques used to detect computer malware and malicious websites as well as future directives in this area of study and also, we will discuss the growth in computer malware and how traditional methods of detection. This work presents recommended methods for machine learning and deep learningbased malware classification and detection, as well as the guidelines for its implementation. Moreover, the study performed can be useful as a base for further research in the field of malware analysis. This is full stack web application based which helps to determine malware or no malware. Tech Stack Applied : Front End : HTML, CSS Back End : Python Model : Jupyter Project Includes :

  1. PPT

  2. Synopsis

  3. Report

  4. Project Code

  5. Video Explanation

  6. Base Research Papers

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