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Diffie Hellman key Exchange Cryptography-Project

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The Diffie–Hellman Key Exchange Method (hereafter called the D-H method) allows two parties agree upon a shared secret number, a symmetric key, over an insecure communications channel/medium, where attackers/hackers might be listening in. The benefit of using a symmetric key over public key cryptography lies in the fact that encryption of a plaintext message into a ciphertext message and decryption of the ciphertext message back to the original plaintext message happens much faster using a symmetric key.

Three Layer of Security as follows are:

  1. Diffie Hellman exchange Algorithm

  2. Vignere Cipher

  3. Polybius cipher

Very Secure, Complex and confidential system.

You Can use this Project for your final year project, Semester project, Startups or yourself.


⚡ Email me at to get a detailed Guide report to run the project with source Code.

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