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Top 30 OpenCV Projects

  1. Real Time Angle Detector Live Pose Detector

  2. Live QR

  3. Real Time Object Detection

  4. Real Time Sudoku Solver

  5. Real Time Click Recognizer

  6. Live Image Cartoonifier

  7. Live Car Detector

  8. Blink Detection

  9. Live Ball Tracking

  10. Real Time Document Scanner

  11. Real Time Face detector

  12. Facial Landmarking

  13. Real Time Finger Counter

  14. Live HTM

  15. Real Time Object Size detector

  16. OMR Evaluator

  17. Real Time Painter of Camera Screen

  18. Gray Scale Converter

  19. Real Time Image Finder

  20. Real Time Volume Controller

  21. Live Color Picker

  22. Crop Resize Image using OpenCV

  23. Custom Object Detection

  24. Real Time Object Measurement

  25. Real Time Color Detection

  26. Real Time Shape Detection

  27. Water Marking on Image using OpenCV

  28. Live Virtual Pen

  29. Contrast enhancing of color images

  30. Lane Detection System

If you need PPT, Project Report, Research papers and Code of Projects then Mail/Ping me asap.

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Thank you :)

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