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Design of Hybrid Cryptography System based on Vigenère Cipher and Polybius Cipher

The Cryptography is gotten from a Greek word which implies the craft of ensuring data by changing it into a muddled organization and unreadable format. To forestall some undesirable clients or individuals to gain admittance to the data, cryptography is required. .This paper introduces a new hybrid security cipher by combining the two most important Ciphers such as Polybius Cipher and Vigenère Cipher. This hybrid encryption cipher provides greater security as compared to classic ciphers.

Analysis of E0, DES, RSA, AES and Hybrid Algorithm for Bluetooth Transmission

Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology standard for exchanging data over devices and It uses different types of Algorithms for its Data protection, easy secure transmission. This paper is analysis for E0, DES, RSA and AES cipher algorithms with concept of cryptography and machine learning. However, Hybrid Algorithm is convenient technique for encryption of transmission of data. Hybrid Algorithm is also discussed.

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Performance Evaluation of Supervised Learning for Iris Flower Species

Machine Learning is a field of computer science pro-vides the ability to learn without programming and the program explicitly. Supervised Machine Learning (SML) is the search for algorithms that reason from externally supplied instances to produce general hypotheses, which then make predictions about future in-stances. Classification and Regression is a supervised learning in which the response is categorical that is its values are in finite Discrete and continuous set. To sim-ply the problem of classification, scikit learn tools has been used. This paper focuses on IRIS flower classifica-tion using Machine Learning with scikit tools. In this paper we will train the machine learning model with the given Iris Dataset and Analysis the performance and accuracy of Iris with Supervised Learning Algo-rithms.

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