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Full Stack Blockchain Voting System Project

Blockchain Voting System Project code and documents.

Abstract : Online voting is a trend that is gaining momentum and trend in modern society. It has great potential to decrease organisational costs and increase voter turnout. It eliminates the need to print ballot papers or open polling stations—voters can vote from wherever there is an Internet connection. Despite these benefits, online voting solutions are viewed with a great deal of caution because they introduce new threats. A single vulnerability can lead to large-scale manipulations of votes. Electronic voting systems must be legitimate, accurate, safe, and convenient when used for elections. The main goal of this analysis was to examine the current status of blockchain-based voting research and online voting systems and any related difficulties to predict future developments. This study provides a conceptual description of the intended blockchain-based electronic voting application and an introduction to the fundamental structure and characteristics of the blockchain in connection to electronic voting. As a consequence of this study, it was discovered that blockchain systems may help solve some of the issues that now plague election systems. On the other hand, the most often mentioned issues in blockchain applications are privacy protection and transaction speed. For a sustainable blockchain-based electronic voting system, the security of remote participation must be viable, and for scalability, transaction speed must be addressed.

Need Project files ?

Project Includes :

  1. PPT

  2. Synopsis

  3. Report

  4. Project code

  5. Base Research Papers

  6. Recorded HD Video explanation

Contact for Project files :

Whatsapp : +91 9310631437 [Chat]

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