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Movie Recommendation System Project

Movie recommendation System Using Machine Learning.

This Project Includes Code and Documents.

Abstract :

There is already enough content available on the movie recommendation system. Showing the movie recommendations is essential so that the user need not waste a lot of time searching for the content which he/she might like. Thus, movie recommendation system plays a vital role to get user personalised movie recommendations. After searching a lot on the internet and referring to a lot of research papers, we got to know that the recommendations made using Content-based Filtering are using a single text to vector conversion technique and a single technique to find the similarity between the vectors. In this research work, we have used multiple text to vector conversion techniques and manipulated the results of the multiple algorithms to get the final recommendation list. You can think of it as a hybrid approach using the Content-based Filtering technique only.

Project is based on research papers. Read and considered 2-3 papers for this project.

Contact for Project Code and Documents

Mail :

WhatsApp : [LINK]
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